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Japan Rogaining Association

Japan Rogaining Association


2015-11-19Report of rogaining at Mt. Kigo in Kanazawa
Rogaining report from Susume! Kazoku no Gakko

2015-10-23Get Your Entry In Early 2016 WRC
Entries for Phase One will open on 23 October 2015, at 00:00 hours GMT, and will close two weeks later at 24:00 hours GMT on 5 November. Phase One entrants will have higher priority than those who enter later. If you want to compete in the event make sure you apply for entry during Phase One!

2015-09-25Rogaining on TV
TV TOKYO 7ch OHA-STA 645 AM6:45 - 6:59 Oct.6th and 7th

2014-11-30Trial rogaining event using smartphone
This is a trial event for new category rogaining using smartphone application with GPS and web map.

2012-08-10We provide GPS Tracking System for TJAR2012
GPS Tracking for Trans Japan Alps Race 2012. Please see "Now Here!" at TJAR official web site.

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2016-10-29Rogaining Challenge Sugadaira Kogen 2016
2016-10-30Rokko-san Rogaining
2016-11-13Matsuyama Cycle Rogaining
2016-11-132nd Okukawachi Rogaining
2016-11-23AR Rogaining 2016 in Yokoze
2017-01-227th Nangoku Photo Rogaining 2017
2017-03-04Snow Forest Outdoor Festa
2017-03-12Mishima Waku Waku Rogaining
2017-08-18World Rogaining Championships 2017 Latvia

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