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2012-08-10We provide GPS Tracking System for TJAR2012
GPS Tracking for Trans Japan Alps Race 2012. Please see "Now Here!" at TJAR official web site.

2012-07-05Sugadaira 24h Rogaining Map
very large map A1 size, 1:30,000 scale

2012-03-23New web site
Renewal of "About Rogaining" and "Definition of Rogaining" in Japanese at http://rogaine.p2.bindsite.jp/index.html After a while, this new site will be migrated to http://www.rogaining.jp/.

2011-11-13about entry for WRC in 2012
please see the WRC2012 web site.

2011-08-30Entertainers try to join rogaining at Mt. Fuji
The laughter entertainers will participate in Rogaining event. Let's touch the nature around Mount Fuji with Mr.Shibata known as the animal enthusiast!

Japanese event infomation

2013-05-192013Akiyoshi-dai Rogaining
2013-07-2611th World Rogaining Championship in Russia
2013-08-182nd Matsuyama Townboard Rogaining
2013-09-14Matsumoto Rogaining 2013 Autumn Stage
2013-09-23Hokkaido Rogaining in Rusutsu
2013-09-28Tateyama Rogaining 2013 -Challenge to 3000 meter height-
2013-10-20Kami-Ishidu historic site Rogaining
2013-11-03Rokko-san Rogaining
2013-11-084th Nangoku-shi Rogaining
2013-11-17Gifu City Rogaining
2013-11-24Asagiri Rogaining 2013
2013-12-223rd Sakurajima lava rec-rogaining
2014-02-01Photo-rogaining seminar for organizer
2014-02-151st Kagoshima historic photo rogaining
2014-03-01Shirakawa-go Snowgaine 2014
2014-03-21Oogaki City Rogaining
2014-03-29Matsumoto Rogaining 2014 Spring Stage
2014-05-182014 Akiyoshidai rogainingNew
2014-05-30Photo-rogaining seminar for organizerNew
2014-08-1612th World Rogaining Championship in USANew
2015-08-2213th World Rogaining Championships 2015 in Finland New

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the sport of long distance cross-country navigation


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