Rogaining Japan News notices of Japanese rogainingReport of rogaining at Mt. Kigo in Kanazawa report from Susume! Kazoku no Gakko2015-11-19T15:22:00+09:00noticeGet Your Entry In Early 2016 WRC for Phase One will open on 23 October 2015, at 00:00 hours GMT, and will close two weeks later at 24:00 hours GMT on 5 November. Phase One entrants will have higher priority than those who enter later. If you want to compete in the event make sure you apply for entry during Phase One!2015-07-22T17:43:00+09:00noticeRogaining on TV TOKYO 7ch OHA-STA 645 AM6:45 - 6:59 Oct.6th and 7th 2015-09-25T16:56:00+09:00noticeTrial rogaining event using smartphone is a trial event for new category rogaining using smartphone application with GPS and web map.2014-11-17T10:25:00+09:00noticeWe provide GPS Tracking System for TJAR2012 Tracking for Trans Japan Alps Race 2012. Please see "Now Here!" at TJAR official web site.2012-08-10T11:23:00+09:00noticeSugadaira 24h Rogaining Map large map A1 size, 1:30,000 scale2012-07-05T17:03:00+09:00noticeNew web site of "About Rogaining" and "Definition of Rogaining" in Japanese at After a while, this new site will be migrated to entry for WRC in 2012 see the WRC2012 web site.2011-10-24T16:15:00+09:00noticeEntertainers try to join rogaining at Mt. Fuji laughter entertainers will participate in Rogaining event. Let's touch the nature around Mount Fuji with Mr.Shibata known as the animal enthusiast!2011-08-17T11:08:00+09:00noticeRogaining exchange meeting by XIA Aug. 20 Sat. Time 19:00-21:00 registration 18:30- Place Chiyoda platform square 5th floor meeting room (no.504-506) Kanda-nishiki-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Fee 1,000Yen 2011-08-01T21:02:00+09:00noticeLecture of Map reading "GuruGuru Navi" reading is one of the important skill for outdoor activity. 2011-06-09T12:32:00+09:00noticeGPS Live Tracking at Sugadaira Rogaining 12nd am 4:00- for 12 hours class2011-06-10T21:07:00+09:00noticeCall for your taking part in the rogaining planning at Okutama organizer is a joint group of XIA, Minnanomori Zaidan etc. at Chiyoda platform square.2011-05-06T09:55:00+09:00noticecall for your cooperation in sending relief goods call for the world's cooperation in sending relief goods to the seismic disaster-stricken region in Japan. please see the following URLs. Montbell Snowpeak 2011-03-14T13:53:00+09:00notice[Postponed]Sakurajima Rogaining event was postponed due to Tsunami Warning. Next schedule is 15th May, Sunday.2011-03-15T11:32:00+09:00notice